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The Benefits of E-Z Blaster and How it Works

What is E-Z Blaster?


What will not be accelerated?

E-Z Blaster is the Most Powerful Web Accelerator Available! Browsing the Internet with a dial-up connection can be painfully slow. Fasten your seatbelt! E-Z Blaster is an exciting new subscription-based product that lets you surf the Internet up to 5 times faster than a typical dial-up connection. E-Z Blaster turns dial-up connections virtually into broadband and makes broadband connections really take off.

E-Z Blaster speeds up your Internet experience, by up to five times, using your existing dial-up phone line and modem. You do not require any extra equipment. E-Z Blaster allows you to surf at near DSL speed, making E-Z Blaster the high-speed Internet solution with the convenience of dialup. It is easy to install, runs seamlessly and doesn’t alter any of your existing software. You can also control the amount of compression vs. speed gain yourself.


Although E-Z Blaster is able to compress many different types of online data, there are a few which cannot be accelerated:

  • Streaming media, audio and video files
  • Secure pages, such as those used for online banking and credit card forms
  • Files and attachments such as music or digital photos

What gets accelerated?

  How does it work?

E-Z Blaster compresses the following elements of web pages in order to send the information to your computer faster:

  • Web pages – HTML markup and JavaScript
  • Graphics including JPEG and GIF images
  • Text
  • E-mail - SMTP and POP


According to the independent testing performed by VeriTest, E-Z Blaster (powered by SlipStream) is the clear victor. Compared to Propel, E-Z Blaster accessed first web pages over 33% faster and improved average download times by over 10%. E-Z Blaster compressed text components of Web pages by an average of 5.9 times. VeriTest used a standard 56k dial-up connection and browsed to 30 common web pages with an unaccelerated connection, a connection accelerated by Propel, and a connection accelerated by the E-Z Blaster Web Accelerator.

On top of showing that E-Z Blaster is the best accelerator on the market, the study also showed that the newer features of E-Z Blaster are effective in improving the web browsing experience. E-Z Blaster was shown to compress e-mail messages and attachments by more than 4.5% and the new E-Z Blaster Pop-up Blocker was able to inhibit most pop-ups.

Read all about it in the testing report.



With traditional dial-up methods, the text and graphics that make up web pages get sent from the server to you over your phone line. Because of the large amount of data required to be sent, this process can be painfully slow. E-Z Blaster compresses this data using a proprietary technology, and sends it over your existing dial-up phone line. This compression process allows a smaller amount of data to be sent – up to five times less – making the download time of your web pages and your online experience that much faster. As an added download time reducer, E-Z Blaster stores elements of the web sites you visit frequently eliminating the need to re-download them every time you visit these sites.

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